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Why Shead?

We Don't Whip Our Butter!

We believe the make up of every Shead product should be uncompromised by keeping it’s natural chemical peptide bonds in place and unbroken.We don't whip our butter!

Here’s why that’s important! This effectively and deeply nourishes the skin while accentuating our infused essential oils for all day moisturization & skin nourishment.-it’s one product the entire family can use! Simple. Organic. Deeply nourishing. Uncompromising.-Remain uncompromising.

We Take The Junk Out Of Skincare!

Our co-founders Geren and Melissa, endured harsh winters and excruciating summers, finding it is extremely difficult to find a year-round product that gave their skin the protection it deserved. On top of that, there was just too much "junk" in their previous skincare products. Leaving their skin either dried out and reacting adversely. This is why Shead exists.

Started by bio-chemist Momma Coco, Shead has been perfected over 3 generations. Shead handcrafts non-whipped, organic & essential-oil infused shea butter dedicated to carter to you, the little ones and whole family. We take the junk out of skincare! Our products are free of preservatives, cruelty and committed to sustainable practices. We're not your average shea buttter! Join our shead family and become a skincare change agent for you, your family and commmunity!

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